HAJJ AND UMRAH-What are Hajj and Umrah, exactly?

Hajj is a must-do for everyone Muslim who have the means. It must perform at least once in a lifetime if he is able. This Hajj performs at a specific place and time of the year. Umrah can perform throughout the entire year.  We would like to take the story of Hajj and Umrah with much skepticism, even though we informed about its history. Muslims commemorate their lives in the memory of Ibrahim (AS) each year in Hajj and Umrah. We also know about his unique position as a Friend of Allah in the form of Khaleel-Ullah (Intimate friend of Allah).

How did Ibrahim (AS) earn such a high position from Allah?

It’s because he put Allah over all others throughout his life, beginning at the time his age was just as young.  In his lifetime, he confront one test following another, which only strengthened his confidence in Allah and helped him become closer to Allah. The Hajj and Umrah ceremonies believe to have altered for more than an entire millennium when the pagans dominated Makkah. In the end. However, it was the right time to consider giving dua (prayer). Dua was made by the Prophet Ibrahim whom he invoked when he raised the Kaaba’s walls.

Hajj and Umrah following the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad :

Thus, a man was born from the descendants of Ibrahim, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. Over 21 years, he accomplished the task of purifying the Kaaba and setting God’s faith as the laws of the land, and he then declared the Kaaba to be the central place of worship of the only God. In addition to the return of Hajj and Umrah and the resurgence of Hajj, all the strange and idolatrous rituals prevalent during the time of ignorance, which had become widespread since the time of Prophet Ibrahim, were completely eradicated. Today, everyone from across the globe comes to the home of Allah to praise and worship Allah and perform their duties to Hajj as well as Umrah.

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