Zamzam Travels BD, A sister concern of ZAMZAM TRAVELS LTD, UNITED KINGDOM, since 2002 has been the leading Umrah & Hajj travel guides (Umrah and Hajj packages) in the UK with honesty and commitments. We will be there with you for all step of the way, from the moment you make your intention till the completion of your Hajj and Umrah. Umrah and Hajj packages in Bangladesh, ZAMZAM TRAVELS BD was founded in 2012 with a noble objective in mind to help the community fulfill the obligation of a lifetime and to enable pilgrims to travel to Islam’s holiest shrines in comfort, dignity and in a proper frame of mind. Having, therefore helped pioneer Ziyarat, Umrah and Hajj packages in Bangladesh, the ZAMZAM TRAVELS BD is today recognized as possibly the only truly professional organization of its kind.


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