Hajj Packages From Bangladeh

Hajj Packages from Bangladesh

Hajj is a particular desire of a Muslim man or woman. It is obligatory once in a lifetime for those who can afford it. One of the five pillars of Islam is the holy Hajj. Prayers and fasting are compulsory for all rich and poor Muslims, but in the case of Hajj and Zakat, these are obligatory only for those who are financially able. In performing Hajj, a Muslim has to go to a place chosen by Allah and perform certain rituals.

Millions of Hajj pilgrims from Bangladesh travel to Saudi Arabia every year for Hajj. If a pilgrim wants to go on Hajj from Bangladesh, he cannot go alone. A pilgrim has to go on Hajj through the Hajj agencies from Bangladesh involved in Hajj management. The Government of Bangladesh’s Ministry of Hajj announced the Hajj package. In light of this announced Hajj package, the Hajj agencies involved in private Hajj management reported the Hajj packages from Bangladesh. Anyone can go on Hajj through government or private hajj company management. 


How many steps does a pilgrim have to follow in preparation for Hajj? 

First, he has to pre-register. After pre-registration, one has to wait to go to the respective year. He is scheduled to start his journey that year after reading his serial in the quota fixed by the government. Considering the financial viability of Hajj pilgrims in Bangladesh, the government has announced three packages this year. A maximum of 5,82,000/- BDT has been fixed for the three packages. The minimum Hajj package has been set at 5,22,000/- BDT. Pilgrims choose their package according to their ability. Hajj packages usually cost more or less depending on the facilities. For socio-economic reasons, pilgrims typically look for low-cost Hajj packages from Bangladesh.

There is no financial discount on the Hajj packages announced by the Bangladesh government. On the other hand, in the case of Hajj packages published under private management, in many cases, the pilgrims get some financial benefits. And this is the reason why the pilgrims of Bangladesh are more interested in performing Hajj in private management than in government management. Privately managed Hajj pilgrims also get a few more facilities other than government management. Pilgrims can enter into detailed agreements with the agencies on their facilities. A pilgrim receives full benefits from a private Hajj agency per the contract. If the Hajj Agency from Bangladesh does not fulfill the Hajj service properly as per the agreement, then the Hajj Agency has to calculate the fine according to the law. Why take the Hajj package? Can’t a pilgrim perform Hajj without the Hajj package? What is the difference between Hajj in private and public management? There are so many questions we usually get.


What is the Hajj package from Bangladesh?

In a word, the Hajj package is to arrange all the arrangements for the Hajj of a pilgrim. An ordinary pilgrim cannot go for Hajj alone. He must go to Saudi Arabia through one of the agencies to perform Hajj. When a pilgrim goes on Hajj, he has a Hajj visa, stays in a hotel in Mecca and Madina, stays in Mina-Arafa during Hajj, etc. A lot of work ensures a smooth journey of the Hajj. Such as Airlines, the Saudi Embassy, the Moallem Office, the Ministry of Religion of Saudi Arabia, etc. Hajj Agency coordinates all these departments and plays a role in the smooth journey of the Hajj of a pilgrim. If there is an error in one of the management departments, there will be a total disaster in managing the entire Hajj. That’s why a skilled Hajj agency from Bangladesh can work the Hajj properly. The Hajj package preparation cannot be successful in any way if it is not done efficiently.


A Bangladesh Hajj package includes the following services :

  • The total number of days to stay during Hajj. More specifically, the total number of days to stay in Mecca and Medina.
  • Clearly Explained the distance of Masjidul Haram from the hotel.
  • According to the package, it is necessary to specify the distance of the hotel in Mecca or how long it takes to reach Masjidul Haram on foot.
  • To clarify how far the hotel in Medina is from the Prophet Mosque.
  • To arrange three meals a day while staying in Mecca & Medina.
  • To provide a general idea of the location and management of Arafat during the Hajj.
  • Make sure ahead of time if there will be a guide for the Hajj because it is hard to do the Hajj without one.
  • To clarify whether it will include the Hajj Sacrifice (Qurbani) or Hadi Hajj Package.

The various Hajj services mentioned above are usually described in detail by Hajj agencies from Bangladesh when announcing Hajj packages.


A pilgrim should have an accurate idea about his Hajj package before going for Hajj. The government has always asked or encouraged pilgrims to go for Hajj by contacting the Hajj Agency directly. So the agency does not want to deprive any pilgrim of services in any way. Any defect in the service of Hajj pilgrims may result in the cancellation of the Hajj license or a fine. Sometimes many Hajj pilgrims in Bangladesh cannot perform their Hajj activities properly. However, such incidents have happened many times before. Yet some dishonest people do not act according to the word of the pilgrims. Every pilgrim should be aware of their due rights. Only then will the Hajj pilgrims be able to ensure full service with their Hajj package.


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