How to Perform Umrah from Bangladesh?

In the wake of Hajj, Umrah is another significant thing for religious Muslims. If you’d like to travel to Bangladesh for Umrah in Bangladesh it is possible to do it yourself or through an agency for travel. Many Travel agencies within Bangladesh provide all the packages needed for the performance of Umrah. However, the cost of these packages is quite expensive. Therefore, if you are able to complete all the processes of Umrah by yourself, you will save money. However, you can’t get a visa yourself. You will need to make contact with government-approved agencies in order to obtain Umrah visas. Umrah visa. Follow us to learn the method of performing Umrah in Bangladesh.


Who Can go to Umrah?

It is mandatory for financially able Muslims to complete Hajj every once in their lifetime. Financially capable Muslims should also do Umrah. But, aside of financial capacity, there are a few essential requirements that a Muslim must meet prior to taking part in Umrah as well as Hajj.

The primary requirement is that the individual be an Muslim and a fervent believer. If a person doesn’t have faith in Allah and Islam within his soul and even if he is not an Muslim and is a hypocrite in his beliefs about Islam and Islam, it is a sign that Hajj is not mandatory for the person. If a person is not performing Hajj and is not a Muslim, then his Hajj might not be accepted by Allah.


Another requirement requires that someone must be an adult, however you are able to take your child along. According to Islam becoming an adult signifies that one can comprehend the distinction of two different things. There is however a problem about this aspect. In the hadith from Hazrat Abu Dawood (RA) the age for an adult is 10 years old. If an individual is elevated to this age when he is old enough to be able to do Hajj and his Hajj is considered acceptable.

The Season of Umrah

The literal significance of Umrah is the practice of religious acts that are worship, pleasure pilgrimage, service and desire. Anyone who does Umrah is known as Mutamir. The particular activities associated with Umrah include youram, Tawaf, Sai, Halak, Qasr, etc. The holy site of Kaaba Sharif is where pilgrims go to do Umrah. This can be Sunnah in the case of the Afaqi which means those who travel from far-off places to perform Umrah and go to Kaaba Sharif, the Rawza Sharif, the mosque of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on the Prophet) within Madinah.

There isn’t a specific moment to perform Umrah. Anyone is able to perform Umrah throughout the year. However, it’s not mandatory to perform Umrah during the specific date for Hajj (5 days between 8 Zilhaj until 12 Zilhaj). Umrah can happen at any time of the year, except on the five days listed above for existing pilgrims.

What Bangladeshi Citizens Can Take Part in Umrah?

As we’ve mentioned previously, Bangladeshi citizens can go to Umrah independently as well through an agent. If you aren’t able to complete all the steps on your own, then you could get Umrah packages from various agencies make sure you get in touch with the organizations that have been authorized by the government. There are numerous agencies that have not been recognized from authorities of the Bangladesh government.

In general, travel agencies will cost you between BDT 1 lakh – 1.5 lakh, based on the time of year. However, you can cut down the price by doing everything yourself. But, you have to speak with an agency to get the visa. The situation and time of year, some agencies accept BDT 15,000-20,000.

The necessary documents to obtain Umrah visas are

A valid Bangladeshi passport (must be valid for 6 months)

A passport-sized image with a white backdrop.

Form for application.

If you are traveling with a group or you are able to travel with your friends or family can help cut costs. Once you have obtained your visa, you’ll need to plan your trip with the help of booking accommodations, flights tickets, and so on.

Umrah visas are typically granted for 14 or 21 days 30 days or 45-days. It is however, not require more than 2 or 3 days to do Umrah. Therefore, you should plan according on your financial budget as well as your visa.

If, for instance, you have a plan to go to stay for 10 days you could start by going to Medina for four nights, and then go to Makkah for six nights. Also, you can make hotel reservations at Medina or Mecca. There is the possibility that more than one person could share a room in the hotel. The majority of rooms are equipped with five to six beds.

If you travel in groups, your cost of the hotel will be between 70 and Saudi Riyal. This is the same for tickets to the plane. The cost of return flights is around BDT 60,000. If you buy an airline ticket for a group, it may reduce to BDT 50k or less.

For food there are numerous hotels that offer breakfast, lunch and dinner for around 25-30 Saudi Riyal per person.

It is also possible to visit Islamic places of worship (called Ziara) in Medina and Makkah. In order to do this, reserve a automobile within Madinah with a price of 150-200 Saudi Rriyal, so that you can take 6 people or hire a taxi in Makkah and cost around 100 to 120 Saudi Riyals. By using these vehicles allows you to take in all the attractions.

Based on this tour plan If you decide to stay for four days in Medina and six night in Makkah for an overall complete of 10 days, you’ll receive two Juma prayers. You will also be part of one in Medina and one in Mecca. The 10 days of tour plans are priced at BDT 80,000-90,000.

However, the cost could differ based on the season. For instance, the price for Ramadan is more expensive.

Watch out for Scammers

There are serious accusations that numerous travel and Hajj agencies have been stealing from travellers in the name of aiding them in performing Umrah. In particular, Muslims are deceived by attractive advertisements that claim to take the entire responsibility of the Umrah for a small amount of money.

These appealing advertisements are promoted in the newspapers or via social media. According to the advertisement they’re supposed to offer services such as three-star hotels guides transport and more. They are also advertised in Saudi Arabia. In reality, however, travelers are not provided with none of these. Additionally the companies may charge extra as taxes and other surcharges.

Additionally, brokers are operating as brokers in Saudi Arabia. They are able to extort huge amounts of cash from tourists under the guise of various tours or services. So beware.

The Final Words

Conducting Umrah is a crucial sunnah that is applicable to women and men. There is no requirement for when Hajj is required after performing Umrah. If you’re planning to perform Urah in Bangladesh then this guidelines will definitely help out. If you do decide to use an agency, ensure that you pick a renewed agency.


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