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Journey Stays 15 Nights in Total;; Where 13 Nights-in Makkah, 2 Nights-in Madinah



Flight Details:---


Departure Time: 30-march-2024

Departure Route: Dhaka to Jeddda


Arrival Time: 14-April-2024

Arrival Route: Madinah to Dhaka

Hotel Details:---


In Makkah

For Package A:  Normal Distance- 500-700 meters / Walking Distance- 5 to 7 minutes 

                           Hotel Name: Asalat Al Makkah/ Thlawat Al Huda/ Khalil Ar-Rushd/ Similar


For Package B:  Normal Distance- 800-900 meters / Walking Distance- 8 to 12 minutes 

                           Hotel Name: Tharawat Al Huda/ Asalat Al Makkah/ Khalil Ar-Rushd/ Similar.

In Madinah

For Package A:  Normal Distance- 300-500 meters / Walking Distance- 3 to 5 minutes 

                           Hotel Name: Hotel Mira Marr/ Korom Silver/ Mather Taiyeba/ Similar


For Package B:  Normal Distance- 800-1000 meters / Walking Distance- 10 to 12 minutes 

                           Hotel Name: Hotel Raihan/ Hotel Taiyyeba-1 / Similar.

Package Price (per person):---


For Package B:— 

4 / 5 person’s oriented room - 210,000/-

3 person’s oriented room - 235,000/-

2 person’s oriented room - 285,000/-

For Package A:— 

4 / 5 person’s oriented room - 250,000

3 person’s oriented room - 285,000/-

2 person’s oriented room - 360,000/-

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Ramadan Umrah package for last 10 days

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