Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa and e-Visa

Umrah Visa is required for foreign citizens traveling to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. However, you don’t need to worry about it as you can obtain a Saudi Arabia e-Visa through iVisa. This article will provide important information on the Saudi Arabia eVisa fee. These fees cover the cost of your visa, the processing speed if you order online, and any other fees associated with the application. The rules and regulations of the Immigration Department of Saudi Arabia also govern them. You can travel to Umrah with a tourist visa if you are Muslim. We have listed below a few questions and fees that are associated with the e-Visa.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Saudi Arabia Umrah e-Visa.


How do I check if I have a Saudi Arabian electronic visa?

For details about your unique country’s visa regulations, please go to and see the Umrah e-Visa requirements for your home country. Then, you only need to select your nationality from a drop-down menu and choose Saudi Arabia as your destination. After that, you will provide all the information you need about the e-Visa. It includes whether you are eligible to apply.


What’s a Saudi Arabian e-Visa?

Saudi Arabia e-Visa allows you to enter Saudi Arabia using an electronic link in your passport. This option will enable you to enter Saudi Arabia without needing an appointment or to present original documents to the Embassy or Consular Office. In addition, you can now apply online. For Saudi e-Visa, you can check the following official link:


How long can I stay in Saudi Arabia while holding an eVisa?

A visa may allow you to stay up to 90 days. You will need a visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) if you plan to stay longer than that. You can go to Saudi as soon as you get the visa. So you can apply anytime. It takes only 15 minutes to complete the application. The fee is between 140 and 150 USD per person. All documents necessary to obtain a visa are included in the price. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.


Is there an age limit for Saudi Arabia e-VISA applicants?

An eVisa is available to anyone over 18 years of age. The applicant must be at a minimum of 18 years of age and have enough funds to cover the cost of their stay in Saudi Arabia. Also, the applicant must provide proof of insurance coverage.


What are the requirements to obtain a visa for Saudi Arabia?

Only a scan copy of your passport and a 200 Pixel x 200 Pixel photo are required for e-Visa applications. These are some of the common information about the applicant. The local address of the applicant, his passport details, and any accommodations or accommodation in Saudia Arabia he will be staying during his stay. E-visa allows you to travel to the country for less than 90 days without needing to apply at an Embassy or Consulate. As long as the immigration authorities of that country stamp your passport, you can use it.


What documents should I have?

These documents are required before you apply for your Umrah e-Visa

  • Passport details can- Take a look at your passport bio page.
  • Applicant Photo – Take a recent color passport photograph.
  • Fly back to the country with an Air Ticket
  • Makkah and Madina Accommodation details.
  • Transport Vouchers


What is the total price for the Saudi Arabia Umrah e-Visa Visa?

A Saudi Arabia Umrah e-visa costs 850 SR (approx.) All applicable taxes and fees are included in the visa fee. To complete your trip, you will need to pay an extra amount. You can pay this amount by cash or credit card when you apply.


How many times can I enter Saudi Arabia using an Umrah e-Visa?

Saudi Umrah e-Visa allows you to enter the country with a single entry visa. This visa will enable you to travel to any Saudi Arabian city. The visa holder must enter Saudi Arabia within 90 days. ( Depends on the visa validity Saudi govt. Sometimes, visa validity periods are reduced.


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