Common mistakes of women make during Hajj & Umrah

Assalamualaikum, today we are discussing “Common mistakes women make during Hajj/Umrah.” Insha Allah, it will be very helpful for women’s pilgrimage.

Every year a huge number of women pilgrims go to Makkah and Madina to perform the holy Hajj or Umrah. But many of them make some mistakes. This article is especially for those who want to perform the Holy Hajj or Umrah. We are trying to discuss some common mistakes of women during Hajj or Umrah. These are given below.


Women think that their Ihram is the ‘cap’ they wear over their heads

Some Muslims do not know what Ahram means and they think that it is a hat on their hair, they do not matter, they will not think of “breaking their Ram”. Ahram is a state that you enter and inserting a garment item when entering the Ahram position does not mean that you can take it back later. And it does not mean you end up with your Ihram. So we can change our hair (meaning our clothes) with ‘Ulema’, and if it becomes dirty then wash it too.


“To change the pilgrimage to the pilgrimage of Hajj or to the Umrah, and to set another set of Iram cloth, and it does not affect his Iram for Hajj or Umrah”
(Fatahwala al-Lajana, Fatwa, and Standing Committee for Issue)./ 185).


Exceeding fear of breaking their hair.

Many women have an excessive fear of breaking their hair. So big that they close their scarf/couple/hijab, even when they are themselves or just women. They are so worried about breaking their hair, they even make wudhu for their title off.

Dear sister, understand that it is Shayan Tactics Think about it. If you do not properly puddle, then will your prayers be valid? Your Tawaf.
Do you really think that if you do something that was under your control, then Allah will keep you accountable? Of course not. He is the Most Merciful. He is the most forgiving. Then, why would he cancel your ihram because some hair fell on himself, there was something that was under your control!


Their hair has only got someone who has just surpassed Ihram.

This is a very common misconception. Sisters think that those who do not have ihram can only cut their hair, once they can finish their programs. And they do not refuse to cut their hair out of the ihram and they do not allow other sisters who have not yet come out of the ihram to spend it for them, thinking that they are not allowed to do this. This is a misconception.

If you think about it, you are supposed to cut your hair when you end up with all occasions. The way to get out of Ihram is to work with your Sai after your hair is cut, is not it? So if you cut your hair or ask another sister if there is still ihram to cut it for you, then you are not doing anything wrong.

The Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) commanded his comrade, during the Farewell Pilgrimage,
“Let him cut his (meaning, his own) hair then exit ihraam.” _(al-Bukhaari, Muslim).


Women not going to the Jamarat or Muzdalifah.

Some women perform, and someone else for starting a fork in their support for a substantial reason. They are scared of the people only, or at times they become tired, they themselves do not recognize the significance of doing it, even if they are able.

I say my sister Masha-Allah, Allah blesses our energy. Alhamdulillah, we are young, passionate, positive, and intelligent. When we come back, we will be able to do some and everything, and even then when Hajj and Jamrat come, swiftly we are “limited, small, thin, who cannot throw thorns”.

Do not be lazy about the tradition of Hajj. If you have the power to recognize the importance of doing everything yourself There is no need to fear all this. Yes, many years ago, we heard awe stories of casts, and people are disappointed or disturbed. But no longer.


Alhamdulillah, the Saudi government has converted the whole jamaat years a few years ago and it is the world’s simplest issue. I saw old people in wheelchairs, people in the trash, and 3 to 4-year-old kids, surrendering their forks. So do not be afraid and do not yourself. Think of all the sins that you will receive and all the sins that will be forgiven for you. Yes, in fact, if a lot of people or your security is a problem, we are allowed to go after the rest of the crowd as women, and we can delay the stone late in the evening or at night.

“Jamaat can be enabled to seize stones (ie women) to stone or throw stones at them, and there is nothing wrong with them.” _(Fatwa Shaikh Ousaimeen)

Moreover, you should remain in Mujdalifah, if you are able, then you can stay all night in the mujdalla. Yes, women are allowed to use it more than half the time, if illness, weakness, or just because we are women. But if you spent the whole night following the Prophet (peace be upon him), then it is better. So do not chicken out.


Gathering with men.

Tried to touch Black Stone, but I saw some of my sisters that men pushed around them (carelessly), hijab half-or even their heads jumped completely, deeply hungry, red faces and breathing were in crisis, some men falling due to strength or even dropping. The next attempt to get the Hajj crowd is impossible for a woman without facing all the females.

Think about the sisters. Concerning the black stone is a great Sunnah. But it is a Sunnah. And a Ford, within contact with all the strange men who maintain yourself and your Hawaii. So beware of my sisters in the time of Sabir’s time and throwing stones at Jamrat, especially during the fasting and black rocks, and gathering all the hajj programs. Choose a time when there is less crowding. Umm al-Mu’minin Ayesha used to perform Tawaf in an area far away from men and did not touch the corner of black stone or Yemen during the rush.


It has been described that ‘Ata’ said, “Ayesha was not far away from Tawaf, and do not mix them with them.” A woman said, “O mother of the believers, let us touch black stones!” : “Go yourself,” and he rejects to go.”

In my opinion, the best place for women to ride on the roof is on the roof of the mosque. Now it may seem far away from a distance, but I promise you it takes an hour and 10 minutes, to be specific, to complete the Tawaaf, to walk at the average speed.


Now Shaytan can play with your mind and it can feel a lot more. But then ask yourself this question … do you walk easily, easily, one hour and ten minutes in the mall? Okay then …..? And you know what? It takes the same amount of time as well as the Tawaf! How are you?

Due to a large number of people, you are moving very slowly (actually, very rarely) and because of this, it takes more time. Compared to that, it is much easier on the roof; You are moving fast, it is cool and you will have more happiness because you will not be worried about contacting or interacting with other weird men.


Wrongful in the Masjid of the Prophet.

One of the worst mistakes encountered by the sisters of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was seen in the mosque of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). When the door is opened in the morning and evening, they can visit Rudah (R) of the Prophet (Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam) for the sisters, they are totally disappointed that they are who they are and what they are doing. They walk like wild animals, shouting and shouting, pushing each other, and scattering everyone who comes in their way, this is a small child or old woman, their mothers are age!


Subhan Allah sister! The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) taught us this? Should the mosque of the Prophet (Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi Wa Sallam) ‘s be used only in the mosque? Is this honor (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam) deserved by you?

Remember, while visiting the mosque of the Prophet (peace be upon him), treat him with respect and glory, by the hypocrisy that Allah has made you as a believing Muslim woman. Remember to keep your voice soft and paced with your walk. Do not hurt, push, damage, or hurt your fellow Muslim sisters. Even if you do not get the opportunity to pray in that region, if you let your sister pray for God because she is your Muslim sister, Allah will reward you and she knows better, perhaps more than that. There, you had the opportunity to pray there!


Spending valuable time in Mina.

Many women are wasting their time talking to each other while having any relationship with other Hajj, sweet and socializing, they are in Meena and even in the days of Arafat, which is the most important day of Hajj! They forget that these are the happiest days, in which Ibn Abbas is the most beloved of Allah. They have forgotten that Mina is not a place of socialization; Rather, it is a place of worship, dhikr, istigfar, and prayer. They forget that the day of Arafat is the day of Hajj. All this about what is the whole journey is. Rather than remembering Allah, they are busy with lazy talk, laughing, joking, and even singing and gossiping.


Now, there is no mistake in asking for a little something and asking about each other’s welfare. In fact, it becomes a work of worship if you talk to a colleague and treat or cooperate with your fellow Muslim. Refresh yourself a little rest in your ibadah. But when this talk takes more than one time and this person is doing most of the time in Mina, then it becomes a serious problem to waste valuable time. And in the end, nobody loses but you.

Sisters, do you not want to use this beautiful happiness period and increase the chance of accepting Allah? Allah will not forgive this happy day and forgive him? After all, this is an opportunity that can not come back. You can always talk later, but these days Mina has gone once gone. So remember this and do not pull into doing it to others and reminding them to draw. It will be written as good work for you, Deen in sha Allah.


Women are uncovered in Muzdalifah.

Muzdalifah has open ground and no tent, etc and there is an open field in the bathroom. The sisters will make sense there, they will forget that they are in an open area and there are men everywhere who can see them. Yet, they present themselves in front of their hijab and right-handers to highlight the truth. So do not waste the hard work and earnings you have earned before and always cover yourself.


So how does one man understand?

All of these are simple solutions. Whenever you need to make wudhu, take some sisters as groups and take time to make the wudhu, other sisters keep you in a piece of cloth, hijab, etc. covering completely and completely hidden. In this way, nobody can see you, In sha Allah.

May Allaah permit us to complete Hajj following the Sunnah of the Prophet (Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi-Wa-Sallam), in a way that is most pleasing to Him. May Allaah care for this Hajj from all of us and generate it Mabroor. Ameen.

Alhamdulillah… thank you for your valuable time. If you have any questions about his article, please write in the comment section. 


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